Gasoline Petrol Engine Injection Trainer

Gasoline Petrol Engine Injection Trainer

Professional Automotive Education Equipment

Serial Number Name Specification Model Unit Quantity
1 Detection control panel equipped with various detection terminals and color circuit diagrams set 1
2 Combination instrument fourth generation set 1
3 Engine control computer (ECU) Fourth Generation set 1
4 Body Control Computer (ECU) Fourth Generation set 1
5 Diagnostic socket OBDⅡ set 1
6 Ignition switch (with reading coil) Fourth Generation unit 1
7 gateways 1
8 Oil pump control unit set 1
9 Fuel pressure gauge 0-10kg/cm2 pcs 1
10 Vacuum pressure gauge 0-76in.Hg pcs 1
11 Engine assembly Volkswagen TSI direct injection set 1
12 Fuel tank pcs 1
13 Gasoline pump (including gasoline pump plug) set 1
14 Throttle control device set 1
15 Inlet and exhaust pipe (with protective cover) set 1
16 water tank (including stainless steel protective cover) set 1
17 Cooling electronic fan 12V, 80W pcs 2
18 battery 12V 60Ah set 1
19 Relay Including: starting relay, oil pump relay, cooling fan relay, etc. set 1
20 Main power switch 50A pcs 1
21  Intelligent fault setting and assessment system set 1
22 Mobile stand (with self-locking caster device) 1300×1000×1800mm (length×width×height) set 1

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