New energy automobile dissection detecting practical training system electrical teaching equipment


On the basis of the pure electric vehicles, the covering parts of the original vehicle, exceptthe load-bearing structure parts, are detected and removed comprehensively. The original vehicles one-for- one skeleton is made of steel bar. The relative position of the original vehicles parts remains unchanged, and all functions of the original vehicle are retained.

1.Vehicle electrical test port,each test port has a corresponding connection, form a complete set of testbench for the battery management system,charging system,driving system,air conditioning system,steering system,ABS system,lighting system,wiper system and signal detection ,detection panel with a complete schematic circuit diagram,and set up test terminal.multi meter and oscilloscope can be used to detect the resistance ,voltage,frequency andwaveform of each senor and actuator.

2.Fquipped with six online detection board ,and use a special cable to connect,various parameters of the vehicle system can be tested.

3.It can connect with special or general purpose auto decoder to perform self-diagnosis functions such as reading fault codes,clearing fault codes and reading data streams for the whole vehicle system.

4.The running water lamp is installed to indicate the direction of energy flow.the quik charging state,slow charging state and discharge state are marked with lights of different colors and speeds,showing a clear image.

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