New energy automobile Integrated training system stands for pure electric vehicles


I. product introductionThis training system adopts the baic EU260 battery assembly, charging system assembly, drive system assembly, air conditioning system assembly, steering assembly, body electronics system six major physical components as the foundation, to make each system into six training, training platform with special cable connected between the interconnectivity between training platform can be realized, the system can real reduction of real working condition of the car, in order to thoroughly show each system principle of work, for students to understand, convenient the teacher explained.Ii. Functional features:1. Equipped with battery power source, the parts and components are arranged according to the position of the original vehicle, and the working process of the power battery system can be simulated;2. Conduct a partial dissection of the battery shell and protect the battery circuit with a high-grade insulating transparent board, so that students can clearly observe the internal results of the battery;3. Install the new energy vehicle charging system that can be truly operated by the original vehicle, and complete the composition structure and working process of the new energy vehicle charging system after connecting it with other platforms of the system.4. The real and operational new energy vehicle driving system shall be connected with other platforms of the system to complete the composition structure and working process of the new energy vehicle driving system.5. The training table of air conditioning system can demonstrate the heating principle and control mode of electric warm air;Demonstrate the working principle and control process of electric air conditioning and compressor;Realize the air-conditioning refrigeration intensity regulation, wind speed control, air supply port control, internal and external circulation control;To check and detect the pipeline pressure of air conditioning system;Through the teaching board to understand the air-conditioning system operation characteristics and diagnostic methods.6. Steering system training platform can demonstrate the principle and control mode of electric steering;Demonstrate the working principle and control process of electric steering;Realize electric power steering control;The component structure of steering system can be viewed and detected.7. The body electrical system includes lighting system, door lock system, wiper system, sound system, rear-view mirror system, window lifting motor system, etc.8. Equipped with a diagnostic seat, it can be connected to a special or general purpose vehicle decoder to perform self-diagnosis functions such as reading fault codes, clearing fault codes and reading data stream for the electronic control system of the transmission.Equipped with gear shifting mechanism, convenient for gear manipulation.9. Test terminals are installed on the panel of the training platform, which can directly detect the electrical signals of the pins of various sensors, actuators and transmission control units, such as resistance, voltage, current and frequency signals.

Iii. Process standards:

(1) the measurement panel of the training platform is painted with a color inkjet circuit diagram, which is made by the reverse mirror inkjet of the high-strength transparent acrylic sheet with a thickness of 5mm. It has the characteristics of resistance to large temperature difference, wear- resisting, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, not easy to deform, long service life, bright colors and not easy to fade.

(2) the training platform is made of international standard aluminum alloy profiles. It features light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance and long service life. Without the need of spraying process, it is more environmentally friendly and has a more beautiful and high-grade appearance.Iv. Basic parameters


Battery management system training platform:2000*1200*1800mm

Driving system training platform:1000*1200*1800mm

Air conditioning system training platform:1000*1200*1800mm

Steering system training platform:1000*1200*1800mm

Vehicle body electrical system training platform:1000*1200*1800mm

Working power supply: low-voltage battery:12V 45AH

Charging system training platform:1000*1200*1800mm

High voltage battery pack:320V 25.6kwOur Services


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