New energy electric drive transmission system educational laboratory supplies

New energy electric drive transmission system educational laboratory supplies

Product Introduction

Selection of mainstream new energy pure electric vehicle parts, functions and control methods are exactly the same as general pure electric vehicles, truly showing the connection control relationship, installation position and operating parameters, and high voltage system of the core parts of the new energy electric drive system Safety precautions, and train students’ ability to analyze and deal with the failure of new energy electric drive systems, suitable for teaching and repairing practical training equipment for new energy courses in vocational and technical colleges.

Main configuration

Original vehicle ABS / ESP vehicle electronic stability system, original vehicle ABS / ESP vehicle electronic stability system computer, instrument cluster, ABS / ESP vehicle electronic stability system runs all related original vehicle accessories, fault setting and troubleshooting system, original vehicle circuit schematic And detection terminals, diagnostic seats, governors, movable stands, universal casters with locks, etc.


1. The integration of the real and operational new energy electric drive transmission system fully demonstrates the structure and logical control relationship of the main components.

2. The main components are installed on the platform, and the electrical connection is the same as the actual vehicle, which can be easily disassembled, so that students can master the disassembly and assembly points and safety protection of high-voltage system components during the disassembly and assembly process;

3. The power battery pack display (7-inch) and the instrument are installed on the teaching board. The circuit control chart is drawn on the teaching board. After the accelerator is depressed, observe the parameters of the vehicle’s operating state and master the control logic and main components of the pure electric vehicle’s operating process Variation of parameters.

4. With the help of intelligent switches, the control logic in each state is reproduced on the display.

5. A magnetic powder brake is installed at the output of the transmission shaft to simulate the vehicle load system. By adjusting the load at both ends, the current and current of the electric drive transmission system under different working conditions (starting, accelerating, uniform speed, deceleration, parking, climbing, etc.) are truly reproduced. Variation of voltage and other parameters.

6. The power battery pack is equipped with a mechanical maintenance switch. After pulling out the mechanical maintenance switch, you can open the upper cover to observe; the high-voltage electrical connectors are made of Shenzhen Basba products and have reliable performance.

7. The translucent design of the power battery pack, with built-in LED lighting, is convenient for students to observe the internal structure of the battery.

8. Real mechanical gear transmission and braking system, observe the change of braking energy feedback current, and master the concept of braking energy absorption.

9. The training platform is equipped with an electric vacuum-assisted hydraulic brake system, and the switch signal intelligently controls the vacuum pump through the pressure sensor.

10. The training platform is equipped with a 12V power grounding mechanical switch, which can disconnect the 12V grounding at any time and cut off the entire system power supply.

11. The training platform is equipped with safety protection devices such as brake shields.

12. The teaching board fully displays the working principle diagram of the electric drive transmission system, and installs the detection terminal. With the help of a multimeter and oscilloscope, it can detect the parameter changes in various states in real time.

13. The training platform is composed of a platform and a teaching board. The platform is placed horizontally, and the main parts are installed; 4 casters are installed at the bottom of the training platform, which is flexible to move. At the same time, the casters are equipped with self-locking devices to fix the position.

14. The training platform is equipped with an intelligent fault setting and evaluation system. The teacher sets the fault, the trainee analyzes and finds the fault point, and the main parts are led out of the detection port to directly detect the fault location and master the actual vehicle fault handling ability.

Technical Parameters

Name:New energy electric drive transmission system laboratory equipment schoolOverall dimensions (mm):1600 * 1200 * 1800 (length * width * height)Input power:AC220V 10% 50HzAuxiliary battery:12V45AHPower battery type:

Environmental protection type lithium iron phosphate power battery (square aluminum case, single battery 3.2V50AH)

Power battery pack capacity: 72V50AH (3.7 kWh)Full charge and discharge times: 2000 timesWorking temperature: -20 ~ 60

Motor controller:72V300A (intelligent AC variable frequency control technology)Drive motor:72V5KW (AC frequency conversion asynchronous motor)Gearbox:Two-stage helical gear transmission, total reduction ratio 1:10; running noise is less than 70 dBMagnetic powder brake:PBS-50 (with adjustable tension controller)Rated torque: 50N.mAllowable speed: 1500r / min9. Car charger:Type: Forced air-cooled smart car chargerInput voltage: 100 ~ 240VACInput power: not more than 3.3KWProtection level: IP67Earthquake resistance level: SAEJ1378DC-DC converter:Type: Natural air-cooled DC-DC converterInput voltage: 72VDCOutput voltage: 13.8VDCOutput power: 500W

Basic configuration requirementsLithium iron phosphate battery pack, car charger, DC-DC converter, instrument, charging socket, motor controller, electronic throttle assembly, shift mechanism assembly, drive motor, gearbox, drive shaft, front wheel disc brake , Belt drive, magnetic powder brake, manual tension controller, booster with pump assembly, vacuum pump assembly, vacuum tank assembly, auxiliary battery, intelligent fault setting and assessment system, movable platform and teaching board.


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