New Energy vehicle Customized Training Model Original Finished Vehicle


1.The pure electric car has a complete structure and all control systems, sensors and actuators are complete and can operate normally.

2.The vehicle dynamic and static signal parameters (such as energy monitor screen, vehicle speed, gear position display and various working condition indicators, etc.) can be displayed through the original vehicle meter.

The Whole Car Anatomy Process:

1) The main parts of the vehicle are partially cut and processed, and colored;

2) All functions on the car can operate normally;

3) Can clearly observe the internal structure and connection of the car, to meet the teaching needs of understanding the structure and working principle of the car

4) The cutting surface adopts anti-rust treatment, and the high-temperature sprayable movable platform is beautiful, safe, reliable and convenient for teaching;

5) Using wire cutting and laser cutting processing, the cutting surface is flat, and the transition is natural;

6) Using electroplating, grinding, high-pressure water sand spray and other complex processes, the product is beautiful and generous;

7) Phosphating, high-temperature baking and other processes, making the color strong and beautiful, transitional natural;

8) A large area of deep and reasonable anatomy, so that the internal structure is exposed, while not destroying the structural links of various parts;

9) Different details are marked with different colors, the colors are diverse, and the matching is reasonable;

10) Increase the illumination of the anatomical part and highlight the anatomical effect.

Product Parameters:

Product size: consistent with the original car size

Working voltage: consistent with the working voltage of the original car


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