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Pure Electric Vehicle CHERY EQ1 Drive System Training Bench

Jun 20, 2022

Product Introduction
Choose Chery EQ1 original pure electric car electronic control system, permanent magnet synchronous motor and battery pack, etc.; original matching gearbox and drive shaft; high-voltage power line and low-voltage control line are connected according to the original car mode, and the training platform retains the original car function; true Demonstrate the connection control relationship between the core components of the electric drive transmission system of a pure electric car, the installation position and operating conditions, as well as the safety precautions of the high-voltage system, and train the students to analyze and handle the faults of the electric drive transmission system of the pure electric car. It is suitable for teaching and maintenance training of new energy pure electric vehicle drive transmission system courses in various types of colleges and universities.

1. The main components are installed on the training platform, and the original car's electrical connection mode is retained. It can be easily disassembled after power failure. Train the disassembly and assembly of wiring harness and electrical appliances, and master the disassembly and assembly of high-voltage system components and safety protection points.
2. The upper cover of the power high-voltage distribution box is modified with transparent 5mm plexiglass, so you can clearly observe and understand the control principle and internal control components.
3. The high-voltage power supply of the drive transmission system is provided by the power battery, and the connection cable is matched, and the original car connection method is retained.
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